Care Team

Payne Springs UMC’s Care Team is a loosely organized group of neighbors – whose neighborhood extends to wherever the congregation lives.


Some people on the Care Team provide meals or transportation on a short term basis for people coping with a serious illness or family crisis.  Other team members visit shut-ins and hospital patients, send cards and notes, or pray for those who request it.  We are all called in different ways to support the church – the people who call Payne Springs UMC “home.”


As needs arise within the church, people who have expressed a desire to help will be contacted to see if they can meet those needs.  There is no long term commitment, very few meetings, and a lot of joy in ministering to the congregation.  Anyone can do this – we need cooks, chauffeurs, pray-ers, card senders, visitors – anyone willing to join in a mission of compassion.

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